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Black Desert Things YOU MIGHT Want To Buy Xbox

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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 00:13:10

What is up guys eske here and today i'm gonna make a video about a short video actually it's going to be about things that you might want to get on black desert Xbox edition when it comes out in three days yes three days time has flown dramatically so I'm going to lose he was gonna be like things that you want to get if you're not gonna buy the elite one or if you're gonna buy the elite.

Bundle as well I mean the ultimate bundle whichever one you get this is just gonna help drum this is gonna be trying to help you out it's just gonna be me trying to help you decide what some things that you want to get early on things are they're gonna make it a lot easier for you when you're playing through and so we're gonna go through a few things that I have listed here that.

Are going to be useful you get things that you might want to get from like you know day one so first we're gonna go into pets and for the pets I want to say if you're gonna go ahead and buy pets it's not understand you did you buy a pet but they're gonna get we're gonna get free pets like regardless they like to hand out free pest but if you're gonna buy a pet um I'd say get a sky.

Hawk or brown eyed hawk the reason I say get one of these is because of the simple fact that they increase the knowledge that you can gain and the higher and they increase that the greater the knowledge you can gain so instead of gaining like a rank see every time you start killing monsters you can gain a B or a or s instead and this also works on bosses when you're speaking to.

Nbc's to get the knowledge from buses for bosses because some bosses you can actually just speak to the npc and they'll give you the knowledge for speaking to them as long as you pay like the energy cost or ever the require cost is and this well if you get a higher grade instead of having a reset it every time and then you know having a go talk to that person again those often get a.

Higher grade like say for red nose which is a bus that everybody had a problem with in the beginning this will help you get a higher knowledge for him like say your rank s or whatever where you can see his health you get a higher drop chance and all other stuff so i say get a sky hunk like right off the bat if you're gonna plan on buying a pet um any other pit I just say go ahead and.

Get one of these lower ones unless you're focusing one might say you just want life skill pets or whatever or um pets that reduce their ability reduction stuff like that or increase skill boosts bilious people's is not the the boost aren't that high they're not like you know they're gonna not gonna break the game for your anything but they're there but if you're not one spelling you know.

Eleven dollars for a pet I'd say get the sky off as one of your $11 pets first off and then get one under $9 pets right after I mean it's they're worth it to me at least though at least two of those pets cuz that'll be your they'll be your on your pick up and Wilda pick up in the game being as fast as it is now they fixed it from where was and the first beta to where it was abysmally slow and.

Horrible and just not worth it to where it's actually worth it now so I'd say go ahead and get at least two pets and have one of them be the Skyhawk these I've got a brown guy dog simply because the fact that they increase the knowledge for your outfits if you're gonna if you want to spend money on outfits I would say if your PP person get the treant um camouflage outfit off the bat that's.

Gonna be only off that you're going to get uh we're probably not gonna have the desert camouflage outfit yet or anytime soon until Valen she comes out so the trainer off it's gonna be your best one for now it plus it gives the +1 gap to gathering so um you know three plus one then you're gathering I mean that's good regardless the other outfit you're gonna want to get if you're gonna say be doing.

Like you know horse training or processing for horse trading on when you get the veneer riding attire because it gives you a 30% HP boost to your arm horse training usually um to exp I mean and then there is the in-game crafted an outfit they gives you I think like you know certain one ASP per level so you can plus it you can enhance the endgame outfit as well.

And those stack on top of this so you'd be able to like get a ton of the XP if you're training horses that's if you're being a horse trainer for processing this deaf it this outfit is definitely worth it it is 100% worth it there aren't that many ways to increase the success rate of processing in game and processing is a huge deal when it comes to money.

Making processing is processing is key when it comes to money making especially when it comes to any of your life skills from cooking to you know to trading and everything you're gonna need to do processing at some point to get this stuff done having an extra you know extra item come out of it every once in a while does not hurt you at all so I would say get the finished steel outfit.

That's if you're gonna do that it's not needed but like I said it's a bonus it's a three percent bonus not it's that big of a deal but the bonus it helps once in a while especially when it comes to making the boats and stuff like that let's see what else down to weight recently I found out that they actually reduced the price I mean the weight on silver they removed the weight on silver.

Actually so silver no longer weighs anything and you can carry your hundred million silver on you on any character at any point in time which is a really good thing because silver was the most overcoming thing in the game when it came to you grinding you'd pick up so much silver and you'd be over encumbered and you had to get that back to your storage so getting silver out of the way.

That that was a perfect idea for them I think they actually reduced some of the some of the items that you pick up and weight as well so you won't really need to buy the max amount of weight off the bat unless your arm this is me I this is my character for my way before they do any of that so I end up having all the weight on this character and all the way down another character but um you're not.

Gonna need to buy all the weight off the badges because of that if you're like C late-game like when Midea Orville in serum comma Silva comes out and you're just gonna be grinding constantly you might want to look into buying the way later on but not right now you won't need it right now inventory slots are different then depending on.

The type of person you are depending on how much you're going to be doing life skills you might want to get inventory slots you get sixteen from the value pack I believe it is and if you're gonna buy inventory slots to like to where you're almost at max I'd say you want to leave the extra 16 slots from the value pack so just an issue you're gonna be activating value pack to sell value.

Packs and you won't need that that one extra 16 you'll be able to use value pack and just get back out the way unless you're the person I just want you know complete inventory slots which just mean because yeah I'm that type of person I'm sorry other than that the next thing is seal stones oh boy this this is this is a big thing to me because seal stones or they yeah they're.

In here somewhere still stones are a really big deal for me because it when I found out that this game had item like this it saved me a lot of trips and save me a lot of time and help me made a lot more money yeah so these are iron branch bell stones the spell stones they cut your own your durability consumption about fifty percent and it reduces repair cost by 30.

Percent now you're thinking well why does that matter if I'm just gonna go in a town anyway yeah I can ground a little bit longer bats that's you know that's whatever think about it when it comes to from the stance of fishing I was a huge fish in personally IIF Kade for six months in this game and just fished constantly like I I was working 15 hours.

Of scene hours coming back home and just resetting my fishing and this it would make my rod and my arm my lower last the full time I was gone so and I had full inventory and everything so yeah this this is actually really worth it I would say at least two of these this for if you're gonna be a Fisher I would say at least get two of these if you're if you're planning on enhancing a lot and.

You know your items gonna be at 20 durability I say get these at least for your whatever your weapon your main hand you're waking whatever weapon your that is that you're gonna be like you know I'm stuck with that's gonna be at a low durability for a long time I would say get one of these I think you can actually now sell these you can sell the items with these on.

Marketplace I'm not really sure I wasn't paying attention when they came out with the new rule for that so I'll take my word for it value packs this one is a big bait toss-up because I've never bought a value pack I've always just used a free value packs that they gave us and when I didn't have a value barrage I didn't have a value pack because value packs give you like.

What a few exp you I think I'm gonna find the easier here don't ever be able to find the thing I'm looking for it yeah it gives you all 10% exp on your combat skill life in mountain HP gives you just an own investment which is really good because you get to stand in place wherever you are an investor in Arizona cost you 10 energy ug+ 200 weight which is good as well this is the.

Best thing about the value pack right here the 30% home market sales fund recovery the plus 30% market sells the fund recovery um because that eases up on the taxes you have to pay for you know selling your item and the unlimited beauty salon which is really good you can dot the mers value the Merv's palette allows you to die item constantly as long as your.

Value pack active and your item will return to whatever basic color it was before you had the value pack unless you died it without the value pack um but yeah the value pack it's a toss up to me if you're gonna be grinding like you know if you get the ultimate bundle you can have it for 90 days make use of it within those night make use of it with those 90 days because.

Once that runs out and you don't like so you need to go ahead and do nodes and stuff and you don't want to leave the city that's gonna be a big deal for you by then you're gonna have you know the amount of losses you need to buy you know these extra value packs but regardless well then your first 90 days you're gonna wanna buy these well not even your first nine days you get you.

Get 70 days didn't first seven days you're gonna be able to get these what two of these actually you know cuz you should be able to get more than that because you get some for having days logged in so you get tortured for seven days 30 from 300 for 30 days and 50 for 550 days and then a thousand for 100 days so you're gonna get a lot of um loyalty points just for.

Being logged in yeah that's pretty much it when it comes to stuff that you're actually gonna want to buy so when it comes is ever gonna want to buy they come so the bust of the camisole is a really big toss up I didn't know the end of the additional shattering roars I don't know what that that means cuz I think you like only silver for your shattering awards Ivan drop rate I've.

Never really seen that affect me as well energy recovery is useful if you're constantly investing energy into nodes by constantly trying if you're trying to level up a note to that level 10 for the bonuses if they work now the energy recovery might be worth it so that's what that's another toss up I wouldn't say it's a hard saying useful but it's a toss up but that'sthat's.

Pretty much about it when it comes to the things I say you want to buy with you know your with your arm with your pearls when you get into the game but you know thank you guys for watching umm myself I just comes out in three days so let's see you guys in game add me on xbox groovy green underscore GG no it's green gene I think there's another score into there anyway anyone Xbox and.

I'll see you guys in game like subscribe and share thanks peace

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